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Whether you’re shooting in 4K, 2K, HD, or whether you require specialised equipment for your production, Studio 9 Rentals will ensure that you get the very best in industry stock standard products that we have to offer. View below a list of just some of our offerings.

Just some of our hired out brands. Contact us for the best deals in pricing.

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In order to ensure a successful video production one not only requires the right crew on board but also the necessary set of tools in which to execute a project. Studio 9 @ Camera Facilities is your one stop go-to hiring company for the best in film, video, audio and multi-cam technology. We provide an end to end solution for our customers that sets them not only ahead of their competitors but places them on the capstone of a challenging, fast paced and complex industry. Feel free to browse through on just some of the great range of products that we have in stock.